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“The most important thing in communication
is to hear what isn't being said.”

- Peter Drucker -

  • Welcome to Stella Consultancy, the IT project management experts who understand that all successful companies are special and that all projects are different - one approach does not suit all.
  • At Stella Consultancy, we always focus on establishing what is most important for the customer, planning for success and striving for perfection in execution. We believe in honest, open communication and put a lot of emphasis on sharing meaningful information between stakeholders.
  • We believe that people work best when they are challenged and trusted and we actively promote all project members to step up and take responsibility for the outcome of our projects. But don't worry; we can be tough when we need to.
  • Our overriding goal is to ensure that each and every project satisfies the business requirements and that the best quality deliverables are produced on time and within budget.
  • Whatever we do for you,
    we will only be satisfied when you are!


We have the experience,
skill and knowledge to:

» Lead your IT Projects to a
   successful conclusion

» Bring your project managers to
   a higher level of performance

» Establish the disciplines of project
   management in your organisation

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